Our Humble Beginnings

Our Roots

In 1995 The Lord called three men and their wives to begin a ministry that would become far reaching and a part of many saved souls. We first met in a home and there were the 6 of us. Soon we had family members and friends join us. Three months later we moved out of the home church and began a lease on a building. Our first service was on rusty old metal chairs for a Resurrection Day service in 1995. Soon we grew as the Lord added to our worship group and we purchased the building with the cash we had saved up. After some remodeling and additions the facility was finally finished and remains as a public meeting place to this day.

That Church is still thriving in a small desert town called Ehrenberg in Arizona. Pastor Rawn McFadden and his wife Sylvia currenlty pastor there. The Message has been and will always be, "The Cross".

Soon the Lord directed us to start a Church in the Mountain area of Beaver Utah in 2006. Being obedient and moving in faith with no idea what the Lord was planning to do, we moved and soon found what the Lord had in store for us. We first met in a small rec room at a local campground. With in a short time we went in search of a building and the Lord blessed us with an old Ambulance building called the "Med Shed".  Soon we found ourselves remodeling once again and after 4 years we have finished the main work. We just recently added another room onto the back for the Childrens Church Ministry needs.

We have been blessed to minister within a debt free environment due to the faithfulness of the Lord and His people.

We believe the Lord has called us to begin a work in Colorodo and Wisconsin as the Holy Spirirt leads.

When leaders are raised up and equipped, we will once again step out in faith to High call of God in Christ Jesus.